• Roger Stone, up-and-coming Washington lobbyist, is working at Manafort, Stone and Kelly, a high profile lobbying firm.

January 1987

  • Trump is invited to Russia after being seated next to Ambassador Yuri Dubinin at a social event. Dubinin was part of group of Russian officials meeting American business leaders. This group included future UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin. A few months later Trump and Ivana were flown to Russia by the Soviet agency for international tourism, Intourist.  He talks of building a hotel next to the Kremlin.
  • Trump visits Moscow and Leningrad, his first trip to what was then the USSR, to explore expanding his hotel empire to those cities. Donald Trump meets with then-U.S.S.R. communist government officials in Moscow to discuss a joint partnership deal to build a hotel in the city.
  • This was Trump before the bankruptcies of the early 90s wiped him out—at the time he was a flashy, successful real estate developer who had just come off an under-budget renovation of Central Park’s Wollman Rink, arguably his most successful project in New York. Putting buildings in Russia would have been a relatively logical move.
  • Trump advocates allying with Russia to team up against friendly countries like France to halt nuclear proliferation. (This is the same year President Reagan says his famous Cold War line at the foot of the Berlin Wall, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”)

Sep 1987